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Interpret: Yuki Kajiura

Yuki Kajiura - Tsubasa (akordy)

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E Far in the light, I can B see it
in every C#M scene of the night
A A tiny fB eather of love
E I gotta go
dB estiny nAs/B# ever fAs inds the C#M way B for A me, E/G# my lovF#M e E/G#
A Even in the night I see your face, in thB e dC#M ark B
A so I never lose my way to you
I never C close my heart
The D light is always there B
E Time goes bB y, we can A never B stay the E same
Now B/D# we've C#M come so A far from B love E memory
Though your C#M smile has goA ne, we will B nevAs/B# er be As apaC#M rt
in our hA earts we are F#M one, for B love melodE y
The C future arrivD es with your love Esus4 E
(Same chords for the rest)
Willing to go to the place
where you never need to cry
I'll take you there
Willing to find an answer
in all the winding road we have come through
In the heat of summer, cold of winter, I'm here
so you never lose your way to me
Never close your heart
The light is always there
Times goes by, we can never stay the same
In the shades of hope, in love memory
thought your smile has gone, we will never be apart
in our hearts we we can hear the love melody
The future still shines, close to you

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