a-ha: Akordy k piesni October

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a-ha - October (akordy)

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EC veryone will sing songs of lost moF thers
EvC ery debt will be paid in the eF nd
LC ives lived will be brought back into fF ocus
AsC each one looses the place where it bF egins
EM Please tell them I said I'm soAM rry
I knew nF ot all that I dG id
ThF is message carried hopefully will caAM rry
Much more wF eight than words of men down heG re
FeC el your losses you'll know that it's OctF ober
StC retched out short days eat you from wiF thin
LiC ves lived brought back homF eward
C I'm leaving home agF ain
EM Please tell me it's not the laAM st time
Though that day awF aits keep it far from hG ere
F There's still much work we've to AM get done
Your liF ghthouse is burning my travels clG ean

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