ABBA: Akordy k piesni Eagle

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ABBA - Eagle (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

Esmi They came flying from far away
Now I’m under their Bmi spell
Esmi I love hearing the C# stories that they Esmi tell
They’ve seen places beyond my land
And they’ve found new hori-Bmi-zons
Esmi They speak strangely, C# but I understand Esmi
And I dream I’m an B eagle
Esmi And I dream I can spread my As wings
Flyin’ F# high, C# high, I’m a Esmi bird in the C# sky
I’m an Esmi eagle that C# rides on the Esmi breeze
F# High, C# high, what a Esmi feeling to C# fly
Over Esmi mountains and C# forests and Esmi seas
And to F# go any-C#-where that I H please Esmi
Esmi As all good friends we talk all night
And we fly wing to Bmi wing
I have questions and C# they know every-Esmi-thing
There’s no limit to what I feel
We climb higher and Bmi higher
Am I dreaming or is C# it all Esmi real?
Is it true I’m an B eagle?
Esmi Is it true I can spread my As wings?


And I dream I’m an B eagle
Dmi And I dream I can spread my As7 wings


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