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ABBA - So Long (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

G You thiD nk you're gonna make me softer with your faC ncy car. A-ha G
But I cD an tell you all your tricks ain't gonna C get you far. A-ha G
They sayGM that money's got a magic touch, GM/F but not to me EB
It doesn't mean that much, you won't have me toniAM ght AM/G
Alright D alright alAM7 right alriF ght D
So long G see ya honey, yC ou can't buy G me with your money C
G Tracy, Daisy, they may be crazy but I'll never be your giD rl.
So long, G see ya honey, yoC u can't buy me wG ith your money. C
You knowG it's not worth tryin, so lD ong so long soC long. D G
Verse 2: You didn't have to send me flowers like you did today, a-ha. I wouldn't
keep a thing from you I gave them all away, a-ha. The girls might fall for everything
you've got, but I'm not one of them you know I'm not, you won't have me tonight,
alright alright alright alright ý.
Here are the chords to the instrumental part after the 2nd chorus:
Bb Fm7/C C#0 Bb C Gm7/D D#0 C/E D Am7 F0 D
Am/G: 302210
Fm7/C: x31111
C#0: xx2323
Gm7/D: xx0333
D#0: xx1212
C/E: xx2010
F0: xx0101

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