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Alabama - God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You (akordy)

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C Can this be true?F Tell me, can this beF real? EM
AM How can I put into words whaG t I feel? C
G My life was complete, I thought I wasEM whole
AM Why do I feel like I'm loG sing control? C
AM I never thought that love could feel likeC this
AM Then you changed my world with just one kiss C
AM How can it be that right hE ere with me
AM There's an angel? It's a miracle E
Your love C is like a river, peaceful and deep
Your soul C is like a secret that I never could keep
AM When I look into your eyes, I kA now that it's true C
AM God must have spent a liG ttle more time on you C
(A little more time....I'm sure he did....yes he did, babe...)
In alC l of creation, all thiG ngs great and small EM
AM You are the one G that surpasses them all C
More prG ecious than any diamond or pearlEM
They brokeGM the mold when you came in tG his world C
AM And I'm trying hard to figure oC ut...Just how I ever AM did without C
AM The warmth of your smile, the heart of a chiE6 ld
AM That's deep inside, it leaves me purified G
GO TO CHORUS (repeat 2-3 times)
This is one of my first times tabbing, so if there are any mistakes that you
find, email me at Thanks.

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