Alabama: Akordy k piesni Once Upon a Lifetime

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Alabama - Once Upon a Lifetime (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

D Once upon a lifetiG me
I looked in someone's eyes BM
G D And felt the fire burning in my heart
For the verA y first time
D She was scared and young G
And had never tasted love BM
So I D took her by the hand G
And a boyD became a man G
A Once upon a lifetiD me.
D And once upon a lifetimeG
You hold the queen of hearts BM
But if you gambG le on a diamond whD en
The deaA ling starts
D You stand to lose it all G
As the cards begin to fall BM
And the D lesson learned is hard G
You're only dealtD the queen of hearts G
A Once upon a lifetiD me,
So ifBM you take a chance
Just knG ow the chance you take D
A brBM oken heart's a high pG rice to pay D
BM Foolish ways will make F#M fools of the wise G
And the best BM things seldom come along G twice. A
D And once upon a lifetimeG
You know that you've been blessed BM
When you hold yG our first born tenderly D
A Against your chest
And through the innocencD e you see G
There you are the family BM
And youD feel a special bond G
That onD ly comes along G
A Once upon a lifetiD me.
Repeat Chorus.
And peG ople only find D
A loveG like yours and mine D
A Once upon a lifetiD me
Outro- G - D

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