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Please just don't PC lay with me, my paper G heart will bleed
this wF ait for destiny won't do, be with me please I beseech you
C Simple things, That make you run away, catch yG ou if I can...F ..F
Verse 1:
C Well tears fall down your faceG the taste is sometAM hing new G F
F (something that) I know mC oving on is....easiest wG hen I am aAM round you G F
Pre Chorus:
So BAM ottle up old love, and throw it oG ut to sea
C Wash it aCM7 way as you cAM ry
F A year has past.....the seasons goG .....
Verse 2:
Waiting, day to day it goes through
My lips are sealed for her
(My tongue is)
Tied to a dream of being with you
To settle for less is not what
I prefer
(Pre Chorus)
C Cm7 Am F x 2
C Summer time, the nights theG y are so long
AM The leaves fall down.....and so do I intF o the arms of a friend G
C Winter nights, my bedside iG s cold
F G (no chord)
And spring blossoms me.
Repeat bridge x 1

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