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Band - Atlantic City (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

Well, they / blew uEM p the chicken man,
In / PC hilly - last nigG ht, and
They / blewEM up his house, / too. C
EM Down on the boardwalk,
They're / readC y for a - fight, G
Gonna / see wEM hat them,
Racket boys can / do. C
EM Now there's / trouble bussin' in,
From / outtC a s- tateG , and
The / D.AEM . can't get no re - / lief. C
EM Gonna / be a rumble on the / promen - adeC , an- d G
The / gamEM blin' commissioner's hangin' on,
By the / skinD of his teeth.
EEM verything dies, baby,
C That's- a / fG act,
But / mayEM be everything that / dies,
Some / day C comes ba- ck. G
EM Put your / makG eup on,
Fix your / hair C up pr- ettyG , and
EM Meet me to - night in At - / lantic CitC y. - G
Well, I / gotEM a job, and
I put my / moneyC a - w- ay, G
But I / gotEM the kind of debt
That no honest / man can pC ay. - G
So I / drEM ew out what I had
From the / CentraC l Tr- ust, aG nd
I /EM bought us two tickets
On that / CoasD t City bus.
Now our / luck maEM y have died, and
Our / lovC e might be c- old, G
But with / you foEM r - ever I'll / stay. C
We'll be / goinEM ' out,
Where the / sands tC urn to g- old, G
But put your / stockin'EM s on,
'Cause it / mighD t get cold.
Now I've been a - / lookin' foEM r a / job,
But it's / harC d to - findG ,
There's / winnEM ers and there's losers, and
I am / SouC th of the- line. G
Well, I'm / tiredEM of gettin' caught out
On the / losiC n' - end,G
But I / talEM ked to a man last night,
Gonna do a little / favor foD r him.
Oh, / meeEM t me to- night in AtG - / lantic City, C G
Oh, / meeEM t me to- - night iG n At - / lantic CitC y. G
Oh, / meeEM t me to- - night iG n At - / lantic CitC y. G
actual chords are:(F#m=(Em), A=(G), D=(C), E=(D), E7=(D7), Bm=(Am))

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