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Beatles - Penny Lane (akordy)

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1. In Penny CLane there is a Ami7barber showing Dmi7photographsG7sus
of every Chead he’s had the Amipleasure to Cmi7know
and all the Ami7people that come and Asmaj7go
stop and G7sussay hello.G7G7susG7

2. On the corner is a banker with a motorcar
the little children laugh at him behind his back
and the banker never wears a "mac"
in the G7suspouring G7rain very Fstrange.
®1: Penny BLane is in my B/Dears and in my Eseyes
Bthere beneath the B/Dblue suburban Esskies
I sit and Gmeanwhile back.

3. In Penny Lane there is a fireman with an hourglass
and in his pocket is a portrait of the Queen
he likes to keep his fire engine clean
it’s a clean machine.
®2: Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes
full of fish and finger pies
in summer meanwhile back.

4. Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout
the pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray
and though she feels as if she’s in a play
she is anyway.

5. In Penny Lane the barber shaves another customer
we see the banker sitting waiting for a trim
and then the fireman rushes in
from the pouring rain very strange.
®3: Penny CLane is in my C/Eears and in my Feyes
Cthere beneath the C/Eblue suburban Fskies,
Penny CLane ...

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