Bryan Adams

I Aint Losing The Fight

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C How come the best ones, Are always taken F
C What i see when i see, ya, Is love in the makin'
F Something about timin', Something about fate
C Gotta go with the feeling, Not a moment too waste
Verse 2:
C Bring it on bring it on ya, I was born ready F
C I'm a son of a strong man, I'm rock steady
F Everything you throw, I can see it coming
C Ain't gonna be no TKO, Just a lot of lovin'
C G Cu Am z opposites A F ttract this way
C G If Am day is night And F night is day
Em Bm If F loving you Is wrong then babe
D Wrong is right
F And i ain't Losin' the C fight
Verse 3:
C Take it on Take it on, Take it on no second gues F sing
C Dressin' up a situation We should be undressing
F Hear the bell ringing Seconds out round two
C I got my eyes on the prize And the prize is you
(go to chorus)
That's all, good luck

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