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Dead Milkmen - Deans Dream (akordy)

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Verse: (using the F#m riff for the most part)
----- F#m riff D
It's a Friday night cookin' show with a horsemeat
F#m riff D A E
dish, I had to stay in the freezer all Thursday eve, talkin' to that
F#m riff D
horse, I really had to go down to the
F#m riff D A E
sidewalk, the sky's all red, the street's filled with people from a
F#m riff
High School band

I eD scaped to a A theater
To E see a F#M girl
With D long blonde A hair
Right E down to F#M there
I eD scaped from A a theater
To E see a F#M girl
With D long blonde A hair E
We had to leave
We got in a tan van
Us two in the back
With Steve McGarrett
From Hawaii-Five-O
At the steering wheel
Speeding away we slide into a
Parking lot
And all in slow motion
These tough guys appear
We argue and fight
And one pulls a knife
He hits me in the back
But I'm all right
I'm all right
I'm all right
I'm all right
He's all right
F#m riff: x4
Last Chorus:

This chorus has the same words as the first, but the timing is
slightly different, so I've put the chords above this one, too.
D I eA scaped from a E theater
To F#M see a D girl
With A long blonde E hair
Right F#M down to D there
I eA scaped from E a theater
To F#M see a D girl A E F#M
End on F#m.
From the Dead Milkmen Guitar Tab Project

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