Dexter - The Spell

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Dexter - The Spell (text piesne)

Dexter - The Spell

It was twenty-seven weeks and they thought it could be longer
too long time for the one who seeks and after all they felt much stronger
even though they knew the love is no found
cold negotiations with the love made them turn and look around

It was more than half of year and there was no one to help
they couldn’t find their love and this crisis made them yelp
we don’t wanna be alone when the night comes in
we need someone to kiss even if this everything would be a sin

And the few times in their lives they thought it can’t be worse
but they said just: Why should I feel like I was cursed?
when the love’s not here what can I do?
I have to keep on waiting and to keep my eyes wide open to see through

And after all those misses they finally caught the train
and they learned to know the love they finally loved again
and try to stop them you know you’re wrong
they’ve been loving so badly they’ve been making love to each other all night long

The God of love he put a spell on them
and up above there is a place for them
when no one’s ‘round they just fly
the love brings them up to the sky

It took more than seven years to calm their bodies down
but they didn’t stop that lovin', they’ve just simply hit the ground
exhausted from loving so well
as if they couldn’t help it as if they couldn’t get rid of that spell

Now it's twenty years ago since they had their fatal date
and they would never go to complain 'bout their fate
the happiness shines from their eyes
thanking god for love, thanking god for all those pretty nights

The god of love...

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