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Interpret: Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Yoakam - Back Of Your Hand2-crd (akordy)

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When you gG ive it up for gone
But you're stillC digging in the mine
And you'reG staring out the window
Saying D everything will be just fine
G In keeping with the whole affair
Every wC ord seems out of line
No mG atter what angle you get
It's pD olished ‘til it shines
You take a gC uessD at where I stG andG/F# EM
Pick a numC ber froD m one to twG o
Take a looC k aD t the back of your hG andG/F# EM
Just like you knC ow it,D you know me tG oo
When you say who the hell am I living with?
What just went down
Where did this come from
Why are all my colors faded brown
When did he change
And what's with the rage
Who's the dude with the extra roll
What's the verse, the line, the chapter, the page
EM You think you're lD ost without any pEM lace left to gD o
Like you need EM one of those kD isses lEM ong and slD ow
EM At first glance, that's D not what it seemed
But there's some tEM hings that I just kD now
Like you takEM e two sugars with a splD ash of cream
Just like you know it, you know me too
Just like you know it, you know me too

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