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Eels - Daisies Of The Galaxy (akordy)

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TakeF heart, my littCle friend

And pEMush back your sDeat

SooFn we'll be far Caway

EMFar from the stDreet

FWhere you learned hCow to be

EMNot what you arDe

F EM C D (2x) pick the last 3 strings of each chord, just improvise.

Up on the shoulder
There is a town
With a little motel
And an old movie house
We'll go to a movie
Whatever it is
Watchin' the movie

Repeat F C Em D

The world's gonna end
for each verse
And there ain't no place for
same as above
A boy and his friend
To go
I'll pick some daisies
From the flower bed
Of the Galaxy Theater
While you clear your head
I thought some daisies
Might cheer you up


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