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Eisley - Ten Cent Blues (akordy)

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As BM C#

As Dear orthodox,
IBM can't control my feelingsC# ,
And who hit me?BM
I just might be
Coming round the bush
C# A#m
And my stilts, they began cracking
Subsequently pushed
As And I looked to see that it was she
Just soBM me abandoned little crook like me
C# Adieu, adieu, anBM d fare thee well
This was the ending, please
G# A#m
Oh, whoa...
C# I was attached on bBM ended knee
ButC# I declined my leave
But who could blame
A fraction of her being?
She is cheesy, she is scrawny
With her uncanny styling
I'm teasing, she is pleasing
She just has no wit
And I'm sorry I don't have her face
And I'm probably gonna lose this race
There is no doubt she's such a mouse
With such an abstract grace
Oh, whoa...
There is no cure, I am sure
For these ten cent blues
And then she chose to dissect me
And I was casted into poverty
C# But I did not BM agree with her
She said, "NC# ow, you've got nerve,"
^The chords in that verse sound good if you start low and build the volume up
But I don't care if I'm granted
For all these things
If I were one among this crowd
Would you call that defeat?
*The chords and strumming change a bit here
G# A#m (Right here she hammers on the B and G strings, play
with it)
In a way it's making me crazy
G# A#m
In a sense that it's making me stronger
As A likely chance, and it's probably proveBM n
G# A#m
In the end we'll all walk away
*back to previous chords and strumming

Shaking handAs s on the doormat
I salute you, sir
C# A#m
A stranger and a happy fit
I'm glad I'm part of it
As And BM thatC# I saw it all
I believe the outro is the same as the intro.
Hope this was helpful. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

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