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Upload My Heart

Exin - Upload My Heart

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Interpret: Exin

Dĺžka piesne: 03:03

Exin - Upload My Heart (text piesne)


I like having you by my side
when I'm with you I feel all right
but now I'm far away and you're alone

I'm missing you and only Skype
is connecting us every night
when I'm in a hotel room and you're at home


I'll upload my heart with this song
I want it rocks
and you will hear how much
I love you on your web radio

I'll upload my heart
whatever time it will take
and even off line you'll get it
in my feelings there's no break

A- nother day another night
I disconnect, turn off the light
but in my mind I always stay with you

I know the day I will be back
is comming soon so I don't mind
if hackers send temptations to my mac


I'll upload my heart ....

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