Feeder: Akordy k piesni Forever Glow

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Interpret: Feeder

Feeder - Forever Glow (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

DGDG Verse
D I wG anna watch you D grow
I lG ove to see you D glow
I G wanna watch the D sunshine
and G heal the aching D bones
I G wanna set you D free
G find sweet D harmony
coz G I can see a D rainbow now
G smiling through the D trees G
Cadd9 Glow, G Glow, Forever D Glow G D G
Cadd9 Glow, G Glow, Forever D Glow G D G
D Dew dew G dew dew D dew da G da da dew
D dew dG ew dew D da daG da
dD ew dew daG da da D dew dew
Chords same for verse 2 but the chorus has and extra double the amount of dews
and das, also the song ends on a D and at that point sing "Glow"
Chorus 2
I wanna let you know
let the river flow
find that place to be
find sweet harmony
lighten up the shade
colour to the day
the perfect kind of you
the perfect kind of me

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