Feeder: Akordy k piesni High

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Interpret: Feeder

Feeder - High (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

G Cadd9 A7sus4
Intro: (Clean)
G Cadd9 A7sus4 Cadd9
Verse 1: (Clean)
G Guess I'm Cadd9 stuck in a A7sus4 dream,
SurrCadd9 ounded by colG oured Cadd9 leaves on the A7sus4 ground, Cadd9
G As I Cadd9 stare at the A7sus4 trees,
I Cadd9 see one fall G down on my Cadd9 hand, A7sus4 Cadd9
G As I Cadd9 start to exA7sus4 plore,
Cadd9 I can't igG nore a Cadd9 man, A7sus4 Cadd9
G He turns his Cadd9 head arA7sus4 ound,
His Cadd9 face was all wG armed by the Cadd9 sun. A7sus4 Cadd9
CHORUS: (Dist.)
G I'm going Cadd9 out for a A7sus4 while, so Cadd9 I can get G high with my Cadd9 friends,
A7sus4 I Cadd9 will...
G I'm going oCadd9 ut for a wA7sus4 hile, don't wCadd9 ait up ‘cos IG won't be hCadd9 ome,
A7sus4 Cadd9 ToG day...
Fill: (Clean)
G Cadd9 A7sus4 Cadd9
Verse 2: (Clean)
G Drifting Cadd9 down a rA7sus4 oad,
Cadd9 Losing myG self in a Cadd9 dream, A7sus4 Cadd9
G Feel my Cadd9 hands getting A7sus4 cold,
Cadd9 Sat in a G boat on a Cadd9 lake. A7sus4 Cadd9
Bridge: (Dist.)
ToG day...Cadd9 A7sus4 Cadd9
G Cadd9 Climbing up, A7sus4 trying my Cadd9 best, as I G sink.Cadd9 .. A7sus4 Cadd9
Verse 3: (Clean)
G Lying Cadd9 back on the A7sus4 floor,
Cadd9 Reaching up G high into Cadd9 space, A7sus4 Cadd9
G See myCadd9 self in a A7sus4 glass,
CCadd9 ounting the lG ines on my Cadd9 face... A7sus4 Cadd9
AG gain... Cadd9 A7sus4
Cadd9 G Cadd9 A7sus4 Cadd9)-Distorted
Counting the lines on my face...
(Today...today...today...today...today...) Over chorus 2nd time through
End on G, Let it ring.

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