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Firefall - Just Remember I Love You (akordy)

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When it FMAJ7-5 all goes Fmaj7 crazy and the FMAJ7-5 thrill is Fmaj7 gone
the G6 days get rainy and the night gets long;
when you FMAJ7-5 get that Fmaj7 feeling you were FMAJ7-5 born to Fmaj7 lose,
EM staring at your ceiling, FMAJ7-5 thinking of yourFmaj7 blues;FMAJ7-5 Fmaj7 G6
When there's FMAJ7-5 so much Fmaj7 trouble that you FMAJ7-5 want to Fmaj7 cry,
the G6 world has crumbled and you don't know why;
when your FMAJ7-5 hopes are Fmaj7 fading and they FMAJ7-5 can't be Fmaj7 found,
EM dreams have left you waiting, Fmaj7 friends have let you down:
CHORUS: (lead-in: G C)
just remG ember I love Fmaj7 you,
and it'll C be all G right.Fmaj7 C
Just remG ember I love Fmaj7 you
more than I can C say.G Fmaj7
BRIDGE: (lead-in: Am)
Maybe then your G blues
will fadeFmaj7 away.
VERSE 2: (lead-in: Fmaj7-5 Fmaj7 G6)
When youFMAJ7-5 need a Fmaj7 lover and your FMAJ7-5 down so Fmaj7 low,
you G6 start to wonder, but you never know;
when it FMAJ7-5 feels like Fmaj7 sorrow is yourFMAJ7-5 only frFmaj7 iend,
EM knowing that tomorrow FMAJ7-5 you'll feel this way Fmaj7 again;
INSTRUMENTAL: (lead-in: Fmaj7-5 Fmaj7 G6) -
(play same chords as first part of verse, without verse lead-in)
when the FMAJ7-5 blues comeFmaj7 callin' at the FMAJ7-5 break of Fmaj7 dawn,
the G6 rain keeps fallin', but the rainbow's gone;
when you FMAJ7-5 feel like Fmaj7 cryin', but the FMAJ7-5 tears won't Fmaj7 come,
EM then your dreams are dyin', Fmaj7 then you're on the run:
REPEAT CHORUS: (once) ---->
OUTTRO: (lead-in: C)
Just remG ember I loveFmaj7 you,
and it'll AM be all rigG6 ht,Fmaj7
it'll AM be all rigG6 ht ..Fmaj7 . (repeat this line 3 times and end on Cmaj7)
Fmaj7-5 xx3200
Fmaj7 xx3210 (strike backwards)
Em 022000
Em7 022030 (strike backwards)
G6 xx5430
G 3x0003
C x32010
Cmaj7 x32000
Copyright 1976, 1977 Stephen Stills Music
Subject: Re: REQ: "Just Remember I Love You (And It'll Be Alright)"??
This song is by Firefall and you have the title correct.
I play this one sometimes but it has been a while since I heard it. I
believe the opening chords are like this :
F? FMaj7 G? G6

This repeats for the verses I will try to notate where this is not the
Here are the lyrics as I remember them (your mileage may vary)
When it all goes crazy and the thrill is gone
Your days get rainy and your nights get long
And you get that feeling you were born to lose
EM Starin' at your ceiling AM dreamin' of your blues
When there's so much trouble that you wanna' cry
Your world has crumbled and you don't know why
And your hopes are fading and they can't be found
Em Am (Some transition)
Dreams have kept you waiting friends have let you down (maybe quick Am D)
C Just rG emember I F love you and it'll C be alrG ightF
C Just rG emember I F love more than I can sC ayG F
C Just rG emember I F love you and it'll C be alrG ightF
Em Am (return to chors for verses)
Maybe then your blues will fade away
(My memory is a bit blurry on this verse)
When you need a lover and your down so low
You start to wonder but you never know
And you feel like cryin' but the tears won't come
EM (Something something something) AM when your on the run
(Repeat Chorus and fade)
In article <3efe94$>,
(Carlos Font) says:
>I'm not certain of the title of the song, but that's the refrain that's
sung during
>the chorus. I don't even know who sang this song, just that I loved it
and when I
>heard it on the radio figured I'd love to learn it. Does anybody know
either the
>lyrics OR the music, or both?
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