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Rock and Roll Trip

Hash - Rock and Roll Trip

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Interpret: Hash

Dĺžka piesne: 03:52

Hash - Rock and Roll Trip (text piesne)

I´ve got an idea to go on a trip
Journey across the streets
Where fairy ladies without clothes
Guiding us all

Get on the swans ,let´s go come on
We´re starting directly
Don´t need a ticket for this ride
We´re flying high

It´s Rock´n´Roll trip
Not "last minute"
Everything is allowed
It´s Rock´n´Roll trip
With all what you can imagine
Ewerything is within reach

Just now we are in eye of Rock´n´Roll huricane
Here is the glamorous place that´s only in fairy tales

Brook of beer
We`re sailling the brook of beer
Hamp field
Around you can see the hamp field
What else can you possibly wish

It´s time to go back from promised land
Fairy ladies call down
You don´t have to be blue
We can go again

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