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Mark Chesnutt - Im A Saint (akordy)

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G C Here?s somethings G about me
That D you might wanna G know
C I?m gonna tell you G even if you D don?t
C I come from the G country D I still been to G town
And C I like dogs but just not in the D house
But I C might skip church one G Sunday
To D catch the football game
But E I?ll D give C twice as much next G week
When they, D pass the offering G plate.
I?m just G ordinary on C most days
AM Extraordinary on D my best
C I got a good job
But the G way I spend money I C never have any D left
Hey G I drink too much C coffee
And I?m AM always runnin? D late
C I was born a G sinner but my C momma thinks D I?m A G Saint.
I C had my share of G heartaches
D Bounced a couple G checks
C I had a wife but G now I have an D ex
C No I won?t ever be the G president
D Hell I barely finished E schD ool
But I know C Justin sings lead for G N?sync
So my, D kids think I?m G cool.
G C AM D G C AM D C I know that there are some who live life EM differently
C There?s a lot more people that are D just like me.
Yeah C I was born a G sinner but my C momma thinks D I?m A G Saint.

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