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Meat Loaf - Objects In The Rear View Mirror (akordy)

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TGsus2 he skies were pure and the fields were green The sun waBB s brighter than it's ever been
WhAM/E en I grew up with my best friend BBMAJ7 Kenny We were close C as any brothers than you ever knew
Gsus2 It was always summer and the future called We were readBB y for adventures and we wanted them
alAM/E l There was so much left to dreamBBMAJ7 And so much time to maC ke it real.
AM7 But I can still recall the sting of all The tears whC en he was gone
DM They said he crashed and burned I know I'll nevC er learn why any boy should die so young
C We were racing, we were soldiers of fortune We got in trouble bDM ut we sure got aroBB und
DM There are times I think IBB see him peeling out of the dark I think he's rightAM7 behind me
C he's gaining ground
BDM ut it was long ago and it was far away God it seems soBB very far C
AM7 And if life is juDM st a highway Then BB the soul is just C a car C7
F And objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are

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