Men At Work


Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

I) Dsus2 I can't get to s A/C# leep
Csus2 I think about the imp G/B lications
Dsus2 Of diving in too d A/C# eep
Csus2 And possibly the co G/B mplications
Dsus2 Especially at n A/C# ight
Csus2 I worry over si G/B tuations
Dsus2 I know will be alri A/C# ght
Csus2 Perhaps it's just im G/B agination
II) Bm Day after day it r A eappears Asus4 A

Bm Night after night my heartbeat, shows the f Asus4 ear A2
F#sus4 Ghosts ap F# pear and fade G away A Asus4 A