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Mew - Saliva (akordy)

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And I'mAM sorrEM6 y about DM6 you and G me
And I'mAM sorrEM6 y aboutDM6 us G
You try to AM give your best
but to what EM6 end, saDM6 liva G
You may not tAM hink so at first
but I'm your EM6 designated dDM6 river G
But this rAM oadsidEM6 e, it's not DM6 yours or mG ine
And it's AM about timeEM6 that I DM6 stop G
She iF s the grey weather
at the C end of my EM tether
I dF idn't quite make it
I hC ad to forsEM ake it
And as I AM sit on the train
I can EM6 taste her on my DM6 saliva G
But I AM still depend on my
EM6 thursday friend, sDM6 aliva G
And there's AM no bookEM6
about DM6 you and mG e
Only AM spinneEM6 ts rDM6 emain G
C I get a light, I get a light from everyone
EM That's right, so undetermined
BM All I do now, is just C horrible and AM mean
C I used to think that she and me could only be
EM Just fine, and to begin with
BM Nothing seems wrong,
but it's C not a happy sAM ong
And I'm sAM orryEM6 about DM6 you and G me
And I'm sAM orryEM6 about DM6 us G
F I'm fC inding out that you EM can't
mess around with sG aliva
F And I C drive a lot, 'cos I
EM can't stop thinking abouG t her
F I'll be yours, YC ou'll be EM mine
F It'll be fine, C IntertwiEM ned
F Wet your dried out lips, C with EM saliva
F What's more strange than this, yC our sEM aliva
F If I did not miss, yC our sEM aliva
F If my lips could kiss, C your EM saliva
F Still

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