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R.E.M. - You Are The Everything Mandolin (akordy)

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G Sometimes I feel like I can't even siD ng
I'm very scared for tG his world, I'm very
scared for mD e. Eviscerate your memoG ry.
Here's a scene, you're iD n the backseat
laying down, the wiG ndows, wrap around
to the soD und of the travel and the C engine.
All you hear is G time stand still in traveC l.
You feel such peace and G absolute, the stillness
still that C doesn't end but slowly drifts iG nto sleep
the stars are the...*

the chorus goes...

repeat chorus until "everything" where you start the G/D to G/C progression
all over again...
greatest thing you've ever seen
they're there for you
for you alone, you are the everythG ing
I think about this wD orld a lot
I cry and IG 've seen the films and
the eyD es. I mend this kitG chen.
Everything is beD autiful. She is so
beautifuG l, she is so young and olD d
i look at her and C I see the beauty of
the lG ight of music. C The voices talking
somewhere in the G house late spring and your
C drifting off to sleep with your
G teeth in your mouth.
*End the verse the same way as before
You are here with me
You are here with me
You have been here and you are the everything
*Chorus is played the same BUT...instead of going to a G chord and another
verse, play the Am intro with the pull-off and THEN go to the G/D G/C verse
Same as the first verse. The third verse chorus is...
You are here with me
You are here with me
You have been here and you are everything
You have been here and you are everything
end with...

This is a pretty basic and dry version...
With a little practice and some subtle changes you can make this one
sound real nice. Any other mandolin playing R.E.M. fans out there?
This is the first time I've ever done this so.....
corrections or remarks? --> jirish@abacus.bates.edu

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