Snoop Dogg - Dumb Shit

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Snoop Dogg - Dumb Shit (text piesne)

I really messed up
Can you call me back babe?

I don't know why I've been making her feel this way
I ain't even smooth with my bullshit, I do it right in her face
It ain't like I don't love her, already gave her that ring
I hope you know, hope you know, how much I really wanna change
Why would I wanna wake up in the morning without you by my side?
And why do I gotta see you in tears just to make a nigga realise?

How do I explain it?
Every time I try to say no, I can't run from it
Baby you my favourite
Why do you be asking me questions when you already know that

I be doing dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb shit
I be doing dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb shit
I be doing dumb shit
(I be doing dumb shit)
I be doing dumb shit, I be doing dumb shit
(I keep doing dumb shit)
I swear you're the only one I love but
I be doing dome shit

I swear I tried, I tried, no lie
Seems like I fail, I fail, every time
I'm sloppy with the cheating
Always catch me creeping
Don't ask me why I do it, cause I ain't got a reason
All I know is, I be doing dumb shit

Oh naw, big Snoop Dogg
Party all night and we like blowing them bombs
Suit game Gucci, steak at the Palm
What it is, what it do, Snopp DO dub?
Is there any way that you can get us in the club?
Girl I'm buzzin' with a cousin and a set of twins
Diggin', duggin, shit here I go again
It's certain mo'fuckers that I run with
That keep me on some Bobby Shmurda dumb shit
I'm creepin' while you sleepin' but you woke up
Speak up, spoke up, make a nigga choke up
So right, so wrong, so what?
If we break up, I'm the one that's broke up
Picking and choosing, that lil' bitch with we
I woke up in the morning on TMZ, ooh wee

Uhm, I don't mean no harm
But your boy Black Ty's got [?] arm
I got exposed when she went through my DMs
Now I got problems with my BM
I ain't wanna be him
Dumb shit, doin' the most when I know better
But doin' better, and knowin' better and showin' better
Dumb shit in these streets and doin' what I want
When I should be doin' what made you put me on
Your [?] smart, you got your own everything
Million niggas want you but I'm the one you're drawn to
Been through it all but you still hold me down
Got pain in your smile and you refuse to frown
Baby I'm sorry I embarrassed you
Walking in a room full of bitches I didn't touch and they ain't even banished
Your voicemail full but the text said read
I pray to God our love ain't dead baby I swear

I swear I tried, I tried, no lie
Seems like I fail, I fail, every time
Can't get caught again cause I swore that I was gon' change
Got me working overtime in my phone changing all these names
But the city so small, they probably end up talking
And if she finds out, she'll probably end up walking
But I'mma take my chances to gamble either way
And why would I wanna start over when I got you at home?
Tryna get a million girls I'mma just end up alone

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