Stephen Gately

I Believe

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F If I be - Gm lieve that I could do Eb anything
Could I, F spread my Gm wings and say Eb goodbye
F So many Gm people told me I Eb couldn't win,
But look at me F now, here I Gm am in heaven's Eb sky
And C sometimes I say a prayer,
Wishing that you could be here with Eb me
F Cause I believe
Bb I be - D lieve in D# love, it's the best of everything
Bb I be - D lieve in D# hope, and the changes it can bring
Bb If you D believe then D# nothing can stand in your C way
Just D# say, F I be - Bb lieve D D#
F If hope's the Gm house I wanna be Eb living in, oh baby
F Well I've got Gm one foot in the Eb door, yes I do
F All the years of Gm waiting for your Eb approval dear
Well I F realised, I don't Gm need it any Eb more
Cause I'm C stronger everyday
Now I'm strong enough to Eb say, F I believe
It's a Gm fact of life that we're F all in the game
But it's Eb still your call, but we all Gm play it
F Sometimes we win, Eb sometimes we fall
But that's no Gm reason just to F give it up, cause Eb after all
If you can't cho C ose what to be
You can ch Eb oose what to drea F m...and I believe!