Third Day


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Mama By: Third Day
Written By: Mac Powell and Mark Lee
Copyright1995 Class reunion Music/Little man Big man music/gray Dot
songs, a division of gray Dot
I know this isn't completely right, but this is the way I play it; just
for fun.
Intro F x5
F Hey mama, take a look at me now. Things are goin' fine,
Eb Here in the Bb Big town.
F Hey mama, if you could only see. All of my friends,
Eb And how they Bb love me.
And Eb I know, Bb you said I n F eed Jesus
But Eb mama can Bb 't you see I F 'm doin' fine.
I k Eb now, you Bb said I need F Jesus.
But Eb mama I ain't got the time.
No, Bb I ain't got the time Bb .
thats prety much it except for the bridge, which goes F-Ab.