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Tim McGraw - A Place In The Sun-crd (akordy)

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1. GM Long ago, far EB away,
F I felt your loving glowBB upon my faF ce
GM Was it a dream or just a proEB mise made?
AB What is my destinyGM ?F
BB Someday I'll fF ind a way too shineCM
BB Leave all these raF iny days behCM ind
BB I know there's gF ot to be
GM Someplace warm and brightF for meCM
AB I'm running out of pEB laces I can BB run
AB Looking for a pEB lace in theBB sun
2. GM Darkness hangs over heaEB d
F close to the point where angels BB veer toF tread
GM I close my eyes and think of yEB ou instead
AB and pray you'll be here GM soonF
Repeat Chorus:
GM Sometimes it feels like thisAB whole world's againEB st me
GM and every beatin' path is just another windiDb n' road that
C7 takes FM me far from you, and aCM ll that's true I'AB ve got to
find my way agGM ain, yeah yeF ah
Repeat Chorus
Yeah I'm ruAB nning out of placesEB I can run__BB
AB lookin' for a plEB ace in thBB e sun
Oh won't you shine AB down__ sunshineEB BB

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