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Tim McGraw - My Old Friend (akordy)

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C#M My old friend, i rAsM ecall...
the tA imes that we hE ad haF#M ngin on my wB all.
C#M I wouldnt trade, them for gAsM old..
cause they lA augh and they cE ry me..they sA omwhow santiE fy me..
the woA man in the stoE ries i have tB old...but then again
C#M My old friend... i aAsM ppoligize...
for the yA ears that have paE ssed since the F#M last time you and B i.
C#M Dusk to dawn..was mAsM emories...
the ruA nning and the rE aces, the peoA ple and the E faces,
thA ere was always somewhere eE lse i had to B be..dunno A why,dunno wE hy~ dunno
A why,dunno wE hy~
C#M My old friend..this song's for AsM you...
cA ause a few simple vE urses was the lF#M east that i can dB o,
to tell the wC#M orld, that you were hAsM ere..
the lA ove and the lauE ghter, will lA ive on long afE ter,
A all of the saE dness and the tB ears...will meet again..
Good bA uy~ , good E buy ~, good bA uy~, good bE uy~, my old fA riend, my old
E friend... (fade out)

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