Toby Keith: Akordy k piesni I Aint Already There

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Interpret: Toby Keith

Toby Keith - I Aint Already There (akordy)

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She C called me on the BB phone and said come AM on and get on the F plane
tonight,C pronto BB AM F
So C just like every BB time Kimosabe cAM ried for F help
Here come C Tonto BB AM F
I gueAM ss she run a lover off again
And I F can't believe how long its been
I had my AM7 fingers runnin through her D hair
Only F bad thing about it G I aiG n't aG lready theC re BB AM F
C Baby I just BB landed grabbed my AM bag and hopped a F cab
And I'm cominC soloBB AM F
Light a C candle, fill the BB tub, and put on some AM music that you F love
And I'll bring thC e mojoBB AM F
Yeah the AM cabby said he'd drive like heck
If you'F d promise me a pony tail
And mAM7 y favorite Viki secret D underwear
Only F bad thing about it G I aG in't G already theAM re F AM7 D F G
Now C its been real and BB its been fun
Another AM notch carved iF n her guC n BB repetAM ion F
You know a C funny thing when you BB play her game
What you AM thought would change just F stays the C same.BB evicAM tion F
I'll be AM on this plane to Illinois
She be F locked down with some pretty boy
When AM7 we touch down in Chicago at D O'hare
Only F bad thing about it G I G ain't G already AM there D Oh no
F The only bad thing about it G I aG in't G already C thereBB AM F
C Bb Am F (repeat till end)

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