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Toby Keith - You Ain't Leavin' (Thank God Are Ya) (akordy)

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Till A death too us part is what she D told that preacher man
Now she says this ain't worth A dyin' for
She's B had all she can E stand
She's A boxed up momma's china, it's D loaded on the truck
She's just got started pA ackin, and I'm E thinkin' this could A suck
Now F#M there goes my B Lay-Z Boy and D my flat top A guitar
Here F#M comes her big B sister, what's she D doin' in my E car
As F#M they drive off to the B city I just D waved
From the F#M top of my lungs I B hope she heard me E say.
You Ain't D Leavin' Thank God Are Ya
You can't A be gone fast enough
What E seemed to take a lifetime just A left in a cloud of dust
This'll D make my girlfriend happy she's the A one
That never thought you F#M would
You Ain't D Leavin' Thank God B Are Ya
Let us D pray you're E gone for A good.
D A F#M D B D E A She F#M forgot her new B laptop, so I know D she'll be A back
I'll have a F#M hot tub full of B hotties, icein' D down a 24-E pack
She'll F#M cuss me like a B sailor, but I don't D care
I'll have a F#M few choice words B when I come up for E air.
D You Ain't Leavin' B Thank God Are Ya
Let us D pray you're E gone for A good.

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