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Way Down in the Hole

Tom Waits - Way Down in the Hole

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Interpret: Tom Waits

Dĺžka piesne: 03:30

Tom Waits - Way Down in the Hole (text piesne)

When you walk through the garden
you gotta watch your back
well I beg your pardon
walk the straight and narrow track
if you walk with Jesus
he's gonna save your soul
you gotta keep the devil
way down in the hole
he's got the fire and the fury
at his command
well you don't have to worry
if you hold on to Jesus hand
we'll all be safe from Satan
when the thunder rolls
just gotta help me keep the devil
way down in the hole
All the angels sing about Jesus' mighty sword
and they'll shield you with their wings
and keep you close to the lord
don't pay heed to temptation
for his hands are so cold
you gotta help me keep the devil
way down in the hole

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Way Down in the Hole | Reviewer: poet13c | 7/23/09

Very loose, sort of, off-the-cuff style, like you'd just made it up and didn't want to tinker with it anymore as that would kill it. It's the phrasing over the beat that makes it so accessible. You feel like you want to do it yourself - and that's the highest possible recommendation for any song.

great great great :) | Reviewer: lindsey | 12/10/07

very different. i love the beat. very soulful. good message too. this plays at the opening of hbo's "the wire". this is the only opening song i actually want to listen to & not fast forward through.

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