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Alabama - Pass It on Down (akordy)

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We A live in the land of plG enty
But maD ny things aren't plenty anymore A
Like the water from our sink
They sayG is not safe to drink
D you gotta go and buy it at the store. A
Now, we're told G there's a hole in the ozone A
G Look whats washing on the beach A
And Lord, I believe
From the heaG vens to the seas
We're brD inging mother nature to her knees A
So lets
D Leave some blue up above us
Let's leC/G ave some greD en on the groundA
Its only ours to borrow
Let's savG e some for tommorrow
D Leave it and Pass It On Down A
The place where I lived called the canyon
Where my daddy taught me to swim
And that water is so pure
And I'm gonna make sure
Daddy's grandkids can swim there like him
Now we all ought to feel just a little bit guilty
When we look into the eyes of our kids
Cause brothers, its a fact
if we take and not put back
they'll have to pay for all we did
So lets
Leave some blue up above us
Let's leave some green on the ground
Its only ours to borrow
Let's save some for tommorrow
Leave it and Pass It On Down
Well, there's a change taking place away on the mountains
Acid rain is falling on the leaves
And down in Brazil
The fires are burning still
How we gonna breathe without them trees?
Repeat chorus several times until song ends
and its that easy

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