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Asonance - The Loch Tay Boat Song (akordy)

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1. When I’ve Cdone the work of Emiday Ami
and I Frowed my Dmiboat Emiaway Ami
down the Fwaters Gof Loch EmiTay Ami
when the Devening light is Gfalling
then I Clook toward Ben EmiLawersAmi
where the Fafter Dmiglories Emiglow Ami
and I Fdream of Gtwo bright Emieyes Ami
with a Dmimerry Gmouth beClow
she’s my Fbeauteous Dminighean EmiruaAmidh
she’s my Fjoy and Dmisorrow Emitoo Ami
though I Fown she Dmiis not Emitrue Ami
oh but I Dcannot live witGhout her
for my Cheart’s a boat in Emitow Ami
and I’d Fgive the Dmiworld to Emiknow Ami
if she Fmeans to Glet me Emigo Ami
as I Dmising hoGri hoCro.
2. Nighean ruadh I do declare
there’s more beauty in your hair
than all the tresses fair
from Killin to Aberfeldy
be they lint-white gold or brown
be they blacker than the sloe
they mean not as much to me
as a melting flake of snow
and her dance is like the gleam
of the sunlight on the stream
and the songs that we folk sing
oh they’re the songs she sings at milking
but my heart is full of woe
for last night she bade me go
and the tears begin to flow
as I sing hori horo.

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