Band: Akordy k piesni King Harvest Has Surely Come

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Band - King Harvest Has Surely Come (akordy)

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C Corn in the BB fields
C Listen to the rice when the EB wind D blows 'C cross the water
F King Harvest FM has surely C come
Verse 1
AM I work for the G union 'BB cause she's so F good to C me
AM And I'm bound to come F out on top DM that's where I shE ould be
I will AM hear BB ev'ry word the C boss may say
For AM he's the BB one who hands me C down my pay
LoAM oks like BB this time I'm gonna C get to stay
AM I'm a unBB ion man, now, C all the way AM-G-BB-F
Chorus 2
The smell of the leaves
From the magnolia trees in the meadow
King Harvest has surely come
Verse 2
Dry summer, then comes fall
Which I depend on most of all
Hey, rainmaker, can't you hear my call?
Please let these crops grow tall
Pre-chorus 2
Long enough I've been up on Skid Row
And it's plain to see, I've nothin to show
I'm glad to pay those union dues
Just don't judge me by my shoes
Chorus 3
Scarecrow and a yellow moon
And pretty soon a carnival on the edge of town
King Harvest has surely come
Verse 3
Last year, this time, wasn't no joke
My whole barn went up in smoke
My horse Jethro, well he went mad
And I can't remember things bein' so bad
Pre-chorus 3
Then there comes a man with a paper and a pen
Tellin' us our hard times are about to end
And then, if they don't give us what we like
He said, "Men, that's when you gotta go on strike"
Chorus 4
Corn in the fields
Listen to the rice when the wind blows 'cross the water
King Harvest has surely come
Solo (an attempt :), the last few seconds may be a little off)


vib vib vib

Vib vib Vib Vib Vib

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