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Merle Haggard - Back To The Barrooms (akordy)

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Now it's G back to the C barrooms
G right back to drinking aD gain
Maybe G someday you'll love me
EC nough to stay with me
G And whisky won't be my D best friend
But now it's D back to the barrooms aG gain
The D bartender knows me he G knows how you do me
And he D knows why I'm back here aA gain
D He should be given a G prize for his patience
D Cause bartenders do underA stand
So it's A back to the barrooms aD gain
Move capo up 1 fret to 2 (1/2 step)
With the loud music roaring the bartender pouring
And my shaky legs trying to stand
It's over and over I've tried to stay sober
But look what a failure I've been
Cause now it's back to the barrooms again
Oh yes it's back to the barrooms again

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