Queen: Akordy k piesni Another World

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Queen - Another World (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

F In another worlGM d
C7 Under another sky F
DM I see another storGM y waitiC7 ng
To be toldF
F And another You - GM wakes up -
C7 With another Me F
DM For that's the wayGM we've come to be C7
In Another World F
In a diDM fferent place
Way 'cross Time anGM d Space
The door is open wide C7
Drawn to a differDM ent light
GM Maybe we'll step inside C7
F In Another WorldGM
C7 We can show we care F
DM You can be sure I'm waiting there - C7
In Another World F
solo part goes up one like this:
GM (pl- ayCM th- isF7 tw- icB e)
When the dice weGM re cast
Dm(?) Gm(?) C7 (??)
They laid a crazy path we follow to our graves
Dm (??)
But I know in different world
?????(most likely a 7 of a major chord)
We journey a different way
F So we live but life GM
C7 Isn't what it seeF ms
DM We're only liviGM ng in our dreams C7
In Another World F
You can belieGM ve I'll meet you here C7
In Another World F

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