I Can't Live with You

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1991 A great song by Queen and I found only one tab for it and since it
was incomplete I'm trying to finish it now.
I used Persechini Bruno's version as a starting point.
I decided to cut the guitar parts into riffs so it is
easier to follow. (At least I hope so...) Anyway, here you go:
Standard tuning (EADGBE)
Notes: Chord formations:
/ - slide up E (079997)
\ - slide down A (x02220) or (577655)
h - hammer-on Am (x02210) or (577555)
p - pull-off B (x24442) or (799877)
b - bend string C (x35553)
r - release G (355433)
~ - vibrato D (x57775)
Riff 1 (in chorus) F#m7 244252

Riff 2 (in verse)

Riff 3 (in verse)

Riff 4 (in verse)

Riff 5 (in verse)

And so the song goes like this:
INTRO at 0:01
Riff 1 (2x)
CBORUS at 0:06
Riff 1 A B
Riff 1 A B
D Riff A 1 (2x)
VERSE 1 at 0:26
Riff 2
Riff 3
Riff 4
Riff 5
PRE-CBORUS at 0:47
C - G | C - G | C - G | D (2x)
Love is say-ing ba-by...

Lo-ver turns to ha-ter...
CBORUS at 01:03
(Riff 1 1x at the end!)
VERSE 2 at 01:21
(Same as VERSE 1)
PRE-CBORUS at 01:42
C - G | C - G | C - G | D (2x)
Hold on baby...

Passions screaming hotter... ...gotta do...
BRIDGE at 2:03 (I'm not sure about this part...)
E A Am G B A F#m7 B SOLO at 2:18
CBORUS at 2:39
(this guitar part at 2:50)
(I think it's actually played by two guitars, one starting from
the G string going to the B, the other is from B to E...)
CBORUS at 2:50
OUTRO at 3:15
Riff 1 A B to fade

Well that's it, not 100% precise but that's the way we play it and
I think it's fairly close. At least it sounds OK.
There are many guitar fills in the song that I haven't
transcribed so you gotta figure them out for yourselves.
If you have any comments, suggestions or corrections please
send it to me: halmaig@hotmail.com