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Queen - One Vision (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

A E Repeat this line once, then :

A-- E-- Then the main guitar riff starts :
sl=slide down (as the chord dies)
E-- This repeats quite a few times
That second shape is a bit awkward when you first see it
I finger it like this :
1 1=first finger

2 :

You have to be careful to mute or not strike the top and
bottom Es too!
I mute the top one using my first finger
The rest of the chords are easier you'll be glad to know
It goes :
A One flesh one bD/A one one true religion
A One voice one hD/A ope one real decision
C wo-oo-oo-Csus4 oo-oo-oo C give me one vision
A5 BB5 B5 C5 C#5 then back to the riff
Chord shapes :
EADGBE x0222x EADGBE x0423x EADGBE x3555x EADGBE x3556x EADGBE x022xx EADGBE x133xx
A D/A C Csus4 A5 BB5 ..and so on for B5, C5 - just move it up fret by fret
The intro chords come in again over the middle 8 : 'I
had a dream , when I was young ..' etc
After that it's just repeats of the different sections
Hope you like it!
E-mail : spxhaw@uk.ac.cf.thor
*** No silly bits at the end ***
the tap-solo

transcribed by Pinter Denes

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