R.E.M.: Akordy k piesni Stand

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R.E.M. - Stand (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

C# D# - - 466644 668886
the pattern is played over each line in these places
chorus (main part)
E Stand in the pA lace where you lB ive (now face north) tE hink about dirA ection
B wonder why you haven't before
E Now stand in the plA ace where you wB ork (now face west)ThE ink about the pA lace
where you liveB wonder why you haven't before
Verse Example
E Your feet are going to A be on the grB ound
E Your head is there to mA ove you arB ound
E If wishes were trees the tA rees would be faE lling
E Listen to reason, seA ason is caE lling
This chord patter runs thoughtout the rets of the song, the pattern of the verse is the
throughout and the chorus is the same throughout apart from in the final chorus
Basically there is a key change that occurs, the chorus is played though normally, then
is a noticable shift.
The "E", "A", "B" combination becomes
"F#", "B", "G#"
and then the final part moves up again to
"G#", "C#", "D#"
The same strumming pattern is used throughout, listen to the CD to alter the pattern to
the key change towards the end

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